Disability Insurance Plan for ESPs

CTA partnered with The Standard to design a plan specifically for Education Support Professionals. Here’s how it works:

  • Replaces up to 662/3% of your daily income1 if you’re unable to work due to sickness, injury, pregnancy or childbirth.
  • Starts paying benefits after you are out of work for 7 consecutive days of attendance.
  • Covers any preexisting conditions once you are enrolled and work for 10 consecutive regularly scheduled days.
  • Pays benefits for up to one full benefit year following the benefit waiting period while you continue to be disabled.

Participants in the CTA-endorsed Disability plan may also be eligible for additional Student Loan and Cancer Benefits from CTA while on an approved disability claim.

Additional Benefits

  • AD&D: includes $50,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage.
  • Education Benefit: assistance towards education costs for eligible dependents while you are out on disability.
  • Childcare Benefit: assistance with childcare costs for eligible dependents for three years in the event you suffer an accidental death.


1 Daily income is based on your regular daily contract salary. Benefits will be reduced by deductible income. Examples of deductible income include: personal leave pay, severance pay, substitute differential pay, catastrophic/extraordinary leave bank, salary continuation, workers’ compensation, work earnings, social security, state disability, CalPERS/CalSTRS benefits.


Disability Plan Premium Amounts for ESPs

Your premium rate is based on your annual salary and the frequency of benefit deductions in your district.


Download the Premium Amounts for ESPs flyer.


Annual Contract Salary Ranges Monthly Premium Eleventhly Premium Tenthly Premium

$0 - $8,249




$8,250 - $11,249




$11,250 - $14,249




$14,250 - $17,249




$17,250 - $20,749




$20,750 - $24,999




$25,000 - $30,249




$30,250 - $36,749




$36,750 - $44,499




$44,500 - $53,249




$53,250 and over





Note: Frequency of required premium payments (monthly, etc.) is determined by your employer. While monthly, eleventhly and tenthly are common deduction frequencies, your district may deduct premiums on an alternative frequency.


When Can I Apply?

As a CTA member, you can apply for coverage at any time by providing satisfactory proof of good health. In some circumstances, you may be eligible to apply without having to provide proof of good health, such as:

  • Newly Hired Members
    Newly hired educators who apply for coverage within 180 days of starting work.
  • Newly Eligible Members
    Members who aren’t newly hired, but become eligible for coverage for the first time and who apply within 180 days of becoming newly eligible. For example, due to a job classification change that makes you newly eligible for CTA Membership and thus for coverage.
  • Members Who Change Districts
    Members who changed school districts and apply within 180 days of their date of hire have the opportunity to continue their existing coverage or they can apply for Disability Insurance under the new employment opportunity described above.
  • Family Change
    Members who apply for coverage within 60 days following the date of a family status change, such as birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, loss of spousal employment, or other qualifying event.

Ways to Apply

  1. Online: complete an online application and receive a confirmation email immediately.
  2. Mail/Fax: download a printable form, complete and mail or fax it to The Standard (address and fax number can be located at the top of the form).
  3. Email:1 scan and email your application to ctaservice@standard.com.
  4. Phone: call our dedicated CTA Customer Service Department at 800.522.0406 (TTY), Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Before applying for coverage, please make sure to review all Terms and Conditions.


1 Please note that email may not be a secure transmission unless you have the capability to encrypt your email when sent. Information once received by The Standard is protected.