Dr. Dan Weekly Tips


Let Light In

Shorter days are linked to increased depression. Here are four tips to get your daily dose of sunlight (or its benefits) to help boost your positivity.


Help Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is coming — and so are the winter blues. Winter depression is a real issue, but there are ways to cope with the negative thoughts that creep up during this time.


Reduce Stigma

Don’t let stigma surrounding behavioral health issues stop your employees from seeking help! Here’s how employers can help.


Create a Supportive Culture

Employees with substance abuse issues are experiencing even greater challenges during the pandemic. Learn how employers can give critical support in helping their workers.


Rely on Expertise

Helping your workers with behavioral health or substance abuse issues is a delicate challenge. That’s why it’s important to partner with a disability carrier that has the expertise and resources that can support your employees.


Focus on Connections

Don’t forget that a remote workforce can still benefit from work culture programs! Read Maintaining Behavioral Health While Working From Home and How to Help Employees Stay Engaged While Working From Home to help support your offsite teams.


Leverage Resources

It’s more important than ever to offer employees flexibility and support during these disruptive times. Check out this Behavioral Health Resource Center for some ways to stay informed and help.


Recognize Reality

Being positive is about having a measured outlook that accepts difficult emotions during tough times. Learn how to avoid “toxic positivity” while being optimistic.


Avoiding Toxic Positivity

It’s okay that you’re not okay! Learn why accepting our difficult emotions is the first step to our growth and wellbeing.


Stressed? Rest!

Is stress keeping you up? Here are my tips to cleaning up your sleep hygiene and falling asleep faster.


How Employers Can Help Workers Cope With Social Unrest

Racial tension in our communities is leading to more fear and anxiety. Help your employees cope by offering valuable resources, like EAP programs and workplace accommodations.


Make the Most of Your EAP

Promote behavioral health and wellness by ensuring your organization's Employee Assistance Program is robust enough. Most people can address their mental health issues with an EAP that offers six sessions.


Stopping the Stigma

Employees may feel stigma around behavioral health issues. My tip this week? Learn how different generations view mental distress. What one generation calls “stress,” another may call “depression.”


Touch Base

Managers should make check-ins more human to find out how employees are really doing right now. One way is encouraging people to talk about things like family or hobbies. See more ideas.


Make a Connection

Make sure managers know what mental health and substance abuse benefits are available — and how to connect employees to the right resources. This is always important, but especially right now.


Next Steps in COVID-19

Looking for an easy self-care tip? Open your front door and go for a walk. Head to my article to see a whole list of benefits to coping with life’s challenges one step at a time.