Absence Management Services

Our Holistic Approach Helps Promote Productivity

At The Standard, we understand that absence management is about more than compliance. Ultimately, it’s about productivity. Our holistic approach and integrated process mean a simpler experience for employees. And better results for you. We can identify and work with employees before, during and after a leave or disability. And help them stay at work or return sooner.

Relief for Your Biggest Pain Points

What are your biggest challenges with managing absences and disability leaves?

  • Complex or intermittent leaves
  • Identifying and addressing absence patterns
  • HR time and hassles
  • Legal and compliance
  • Uncoordinated services
  • Benchmarking your program against others

If you’ve pinpointed more than one pain point, no worries. Our holistic approach can help you address the whole picture — from tracking time to productivity. We can also provide industry benchmarking to help you stay current with best practices and trends.

Key Features
Integrated absence and disability claim process
Cloud-based technology
Consulting and support
Benchmarking and tools
Groundbreaking SAW/RTW program: Workplace Possibilities
FMLA Select for groups with 200-500 employees
Our Holistic Approach Helps Promote Productivity

Integrate absence, FMLA and Short Term Disability leaves.
Integrated Absences + Disability Process
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Integration at Every Step

We integrate absence, FMLA and Short Term Disability leaves.* That makes the process simpler for employees and can help them return to work faster.

One Person. One Process.

Having a single point of contact — an Integrated Absence and Disability Claim Analyst — helps create a better employee experience:

  • Employees tell their story to just one person — a rare advantage
  • Reduces paperwork and confusion

* Must have in-force Short Term Disability from The Standard.

Expert people
Expert People
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You can count on implementation support and ongoing account management tailored to your needs.

Expertise to Help Guide You

Our Absence Management practice leaders and consultants offer industry-leading expertise in FMLA, ADAAA and other regulations, as well as trends such as Paid Family Leave.

Consultative Partnership

You’ll be partnered with an Absence Consultant who’ll provide:

  • Ongoing absence-related training and education
  • Consultation on FMLA and state leaves
  • Advice on best practices
  • Industry benchmarking to compare your program with similar employers
Cloud-based technology
Cloud-Based Technology
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Our powerful system gives you the business intelligence you need — when you need it. The cloud-based system processes data, manages leaves and produces real-time reports. That reduces the need for separate administrators for each function.

Our Mobile Platform Provides 24/7 Access 

Employees and employers can access our mobile-enabled portal in real time and on the go. So employees can report claims promptly. Supervisors can get timely information to reduce staffing gaps.

More Reasons to Outsource Absence Management to The Standard

Tracking intermittent absences is challenging, especially in small amounts. We provide detailed absence tracking to both the employer and employee. This keeps everyone on the same page. Ongoing reporting shows the potential impact to your business goals.

Leaves we track:

  • Short Term Disability
  • Family Medical Leaves (FMLA)
  • State-Mandated Disability
  • Employer-Sponsored Leaves
  • ADAAA Leaves
  • Military Leaves
When an employee reports an absence, our system sends an email to his or her supervisor. That real-time information can help manage staffing gaps.
The system analyzes data to flag absence and claims patterns. The data links to managers’ names and departments.
Our integrated approach and detailed tracking and analysis can help:
  • Identify an employee’s need for accommodations
  • Deliver a comprehensive suite of services
  • Reduce instances of an employee working through a disability
  • Prevent future leave
We can integrate our account managers with your HR team to bring the greatest benefit to your business.
Use the information to identify problem areas. Then you can stabilize staffing or provide extra training. We’ll partner with you to create solutions that help improve your claims experience and reduce related costs.
Our Absence Management Services give you access to industry benchmarking data. You'll gain valuable insights into relevant best practices.

Take the Complexity and Hassle Out of Absence Management

Discover how our holistic approach to managing leave lets you focus on your employees and business.

Workplace Possibilities Program

Workplace Possibilities Program

We can help your people stay at work or return to work sooner by managing and reducing the causes of disability. Our service combines your programs with specialized ergonomic and vocational expertise.

FMLA solution for small businesses

FMLA Select

Our FMLA Select service simplifies leave administration for groups with 200-500 employees. No data feed required. FMLA Select can help your company with compliance and free up your HR staff.

Support clients with the latest news and resources.

Paid Family Leave Blog

Paid Family Leave laws continue to evolve and change. To stay up to date on developments, visit our blog for the latest PFL news and resources.

Get help with recordkeeping

Get Help With Recordkeeping

Is your team on top of key FMLA recordkeeping tasks? Download our infographic to use as a checklist and handy reminder.

Learn more about what our holistic approach to absence management can do for you.

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