Life and AD&D

People and a Process to Make Tough Times Easier

When a death or physical loss touches your employees and their loved ones, they can count on people who care. They can also rely on a Group Life insurance and Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance claims process that helps make a difficult time easier.

The People

Our Life and AD&D team members are prepared to help. Claim analysts take part in specialized grief training every year, where they learn to listen and talk with people in the most helpful, compassionate way. This training also teaches claim analysts to recognize when a claimant needs more support, such as a referral for grief support.1 It's a part of our culture of taking care of your employees and their families.

The Process

We do our best to make the claims process easy. Death beneficiaries and employees who’ve suffered a physical loss have one analyst they can call directly who handles their Life and AD&D claims. We take concrete steps to lower employee stress by collecting and paying for additional records, such as police reports and medical records, in states that allow it.

Key Features
Employers get flexible Life and AD&D plans that fit their business needs.
Employees with a terminal illness can apply to receive a portion of Life insurance funds early.
Employees who qualify can buy coverage from The Standard if they change jobs.
Employees who are totally disabled may qualify for a waiver of Life insurance premium for a specific period of time.
Family members of employees who die as a result of a covered accident may be eligible for a Higher Education, a Child Care or Career Adjustment benefit.
Special Services

Our offering may come with access to these services.

Life Services Toolkit
Life Services Toolkit*
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The Life Services Toolkit provides Group Life beneficiaries access to grief counseling and an online suite of tools to help with funeral planning and legal and financial issues in the year after a death. The Toolkit's website helps families make plans now — and for the future.


*Not available with products offered by The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York.

Travel Assistance
Travel Assistance*
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Travel Assistance lets employees and their families with Group Life coverage travel more securely. The service helps them prepare for trips and replace lost credit cards and passports. Employees can also use the service to find medical and legal services around the clock and around the world.


*Not available with products offered by The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York.

AD&D Occupational Assistance
AD&D Occupational Assistance*
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Employees with Group AD&D coverage who suffer an accidental dismemberment, such as a loss of a hand or sight, can get help returning to work. The goal of AD&D Occupational Assistance is to help the employee return to work with your organization. If that's not possible, we'll assist in a new job search.


*Not available with products offered by The Standard Life Insurance Company of New York.

More Opportunities for Coverage

You can provide Life and AD&D for your employees. You can also offer them the option to increase their coverage at group rates. Consider adding these plans for buy-up.

Additional Life and AD&D
Dependents Life and AD&D


With our Voluntary insurance options, your employees can still take advantage of group rates in buying coverage for themselves and coverage for their dependents. Consider adding these plans for purchase.

Voluntary Group Life
Voluntary Group AD&D

Life Insurance

Need a way to show your employees how Life insurance helps provide financial security for their loved ones? Show them this video.



AD&D Insurance

This video shows how Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance helps protect people from financial loss. Use it as a tool to educate your employees.



Looking for Life and AD&D insurance for your team?

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