Voluntary Products and Services

The Benefits Your Employees Want

You want to offer your employees the best benefits possible. But you can’t always pay for everything. That’s why Voluntary benefits are in demand. Sixty percent of employees consider a company’s Voluntary benefits offering when considering a new job.1

Voluntary benefits let you offer employees a range of great options — from Life and Disability insurance to Vision, Dental, Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity coverage. They can choose the benefits that work best for them, and their families.


1 2015 LIMRA U.S. Worksite Sales Survey

Key Features
Group rates that can make coverage more affordable than individual plans
No premium cost to employers to offer
Easy administration, from enrollment through billing
Employees Choose the Protection They Need

The Standard can offer the following products on a voluntary basis. Each has a role to play in helping your employees achieve financial security.

Life and AD&D insurance
Life and AD&D Insurance
Protection for Loved Ones

Protection for Loved Ones

Life insurance helps employees’ loved ones get through a difficult time and can help pay for important things, like living expenses or college tuition. AD&D insurance does too, plus it can help if an employee survives a serious injury as a result of an accident.

Already offer basic Life insurance? Your employees may also appreciate optional Additional Life coverage.

Explore our Life and AD&D insurance.

Wheel chair
Disability Insurance
Protection for Paychecks

Protection for Paychecks

Disability insurance is also called “income protection insurance.” It can replace part of employees’ paychecks if they can’t work because of an illness or injury, pregnancy or mental disorder.

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Dental and Vision insurance
Dental and Vision Insurance
Protection for Health

Protection for Health

Dental and Vision insurance help protect oral health and eyesight. Regular dental and vision exams can also have a positive impact on overall health, especially for chronic medical conditions.*

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* Dental Benefits Basics, National Association of Dental Plans, 2016

Supplemental health insurance
Supplemental Insurance
Protection for the Unexpected

Protection for the Unexpected

An accident, serious illness or hospital stay can leave your employees with unexpected expenses that health insurance doesn’t cover.

Employees receive payment that they can use for anything — from co-pays and deductibles to everyday expenses.

An added advantage: Most plans pay employees an annual benefit for completing a health maintenance screening.

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* Critical Illness insurance is called Specified Disease insurance in the states of New York and Vermont.

The Flexibility, Technology and Service You Want

We’re flexible and easy to work with — from enrollment and benefits administration to billing. No matter which systems and platforms you use. You can also count on employee education tools customized for your workforce. And a simple, consolidated billing experience.

Flexible Service Paired With Integrated Technology
We’re flexible and easy to work with — including our advanced enrollment technology.
Enrollment Technology
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We’re flexible and easy to work with — including our advanced enrollment technology.

Partnering with your team, we’ll tailor a strategy that fits your enrollment options for your employees. Key services include:

  • Pre-enrollment consultation
  • Plug-and-play self-service enrollment tools
  • Online enrollment solutions — including our own Ready Enroll platform and benefits administration service
  • We can also integrate product videos

We can also partner with an enrollment firm if you prefer.

The Standard provides customized tools — online and off — to help employees understand their benefit options.
Employee Education
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We provide customized tools — online and off — to help employees understand their benefit options, including:

  • Omni-channel communication campaigns
  • Voluntary Decision Support Tool (DST)*
  • Persona-Based DST with valuable HR Analysis Report*
  • Onsite meetings for groups of 250+ lives with at least 50 at a location*
  • On-demand enrollment materials: employer-tailored posters, postcards and coverage highlights


*Based on product-type. Group size and location requirements must also be met.

The Standard offers consolidated billing with flexible format and payment options.
Flexible Benefits Administration
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We offer consolidated billing with flexible format and payment options, including:

  • List Bill: One bill, one payment, one-stop member maintenance. Available if you offer at least one Voluntary product.
  • Summary Bill: A summary of covered lives, volume and premium by product. Enrollment and member maintenance via data feed. You can manage STD, LTD, Life or AD&D insurance via a self-administered bill.

Learn more about billing options.

Two women reviewing benefits

Benefits Education

Your employees can make smarter choices about their benefits with our Decision Support Tool options: our Voluntary DST and our Persona-Based DST.

Woman and man using a tablet

Flexible Online Enrollment

Ready EnrollTM is an online enrollment system that’s flexible, easy to use and secure. Use it to streamline enrollment and help reduce time spent on administration.