Workplace Possibilities<sup>SM</sup> (Disability Management)

Depression in the workplace
Direct supervisors can play a key role in helping employees with depression. The key? Overcoming barriers to understand the signs and provide support.
Men at construction site
When implementing the Workplace Possibilities program, employers can do it in a way that fits their unique needs. Learn how engineering firm Terracon found success.
Meet our newest accommodation: the Altwork Station.

We're constantly looking for innovative ways to help people get back to work and increase their productivity. Meet our newest accommodation: the Altwork Station.

Employers play a crucial role in creating awareness and aiding those who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts.
The recent coverage of some celebrity deaths presents employers with the opportunity to support individuals who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts.
Like the interplay between FMLA and ADAAA, the relationship between work comp and ADAAA can be complex.
ADAAA plays in the same space as many other laws, including workers' compensation, but it requires unique handling.
The opioid epidemic can present a unique challenge for employers.
The use and abuse of opioids is rapidly escalating, presenting a unique challenge to employers. How do you address this increasingly common issue even when it’s not easy to see?
As an HR manager, part of your complex job is addressing medical conditions and implementing accommodations at work for employees.

HR managers have the tough job of balancing two mindsets — treating employees equally day to day and helping employees get individualized accommodations for an injury, illness or mental health condition. Here's how a disability carrier can help make that change in mindset easier.