New Discount: Preferred Occupation Discount
Offer extra savings to professionals with the Preferred Occupation Discount. This 10% discount is available to several 5A occupations.
Special BIR Rules for Medical Residents and Fellows
Effective immediately, residents and fellows can apply for an accelerated benefit increase during the 12 months after they complete their training.
3 Quick Tools to Help You Make and Close More Sales

Tired of lag times between applications and medical interviews? Or circling back with clients to get signatures? Eliminate pain points with three time-saving tools — all fine-tuned to speed up your sales.

Every income protection policy needs a residual rider. Read this article to learn why residual riders are a must-have.

Photo of a business meeting

You can close more sales by emphasizing Platinum Advantage’s high quality and great value. See how to make the most of our Multi-Life, Residency and Business Owner discounts and rewards.

Photo of a multi-generational family picking tomatoes

Are you helping your clients protect their paychecks and their precious family time if a loved one is seriously ill or injured? See how to do both with The Standard’s exclusive Family Care Benefit, included with Platinum Advantage — and share our eye-opening video.

Photo of woman hugging her mother in a wheelchair

Could your clients afford to take time off if a family member became seriously ill or injured? Use our ready-to-share posts to show them how Platinum Advantage’s exclusive Family Care Benefit can help.