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You can close more sales by emphasizing Platinum Advantage’s high quality and great value. See how to make the most of our Multi-Life, Residency and Business Owner discounts and rewards.

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Are you helping your clients protect their paychecks and their precious family time if a loved one is seriously ill or injured? See how to do both with The Standard’s exclusive Family Care Benefit, included with Platinum Advantage — and share our eye-opening video.

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Could your clients afford to take time off if a family member became seriously ill or injured? Use our ready-to-share posts to show them how Platinum Advantage’s exclusive Family Care Benefit can help.

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Lead with Platinum Advantage’s outstanding quality and value — then close with any discounts available.

Morehouse College graduates received good news on their graduation day. Robert F. Smith, a billionaire investor and philanthropist, promised to pay off their student loans. Student loan debt can be a stressful burden for new graduates as they start their career. Here’s how you can help.
Sell The Standard and expand your business at medical institutions. You can offer Platinum Advantage with a 10 percent discount to all employees — not just residents or fellows — of ACGME, AOA or CODA institutions that have a Residency Multi-Life Discount in place.
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Read a true story about how a financial advisor made a big difference in one client’s life. It all started with a conversation…