Doing business with The Standard is good for you — and for your clients.

Innovative product design, desirable rates, competitive compensation and excellent industry ratings all come with selling our annuities.

So does excellent service.

Think of us as your back-office support team. We do all we can to provide customer service that meets — and usually exceeds — your expectations.

Why do brokers consider our service excellent?

  • Easy contracting and commission payments
  • Speedy new-business turnaround times
  • Online support that enhances, rather than replaces, our personalized service


Find a combination of safety, tax deferral and choice.

Fixed Annuities

A single premium and rates that reflect the performance of the stock market.

Index Annuities

Help your clients share in some stock market gains while enjoying specified guarantees.

Index Select Annuity 5, 7, and 10
Strategic Choice Annuity 7

Offer clients a choice of guaranteed income options.

Immediate Annuities

Offer your clients a choice of guaranteed income options.

Stable Income Annuity
Tailored Income Annuity

Take a look at our enhanced Index Select Annuity.

Refreshed Index Select Annuity

Take a look at our enhanced Index Select Annuity. We've added a participation rate crediting option for even more ways to earn interest.

Broker-Focused Service
Annuities Sales Support
Sales Support
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You'll find our sales professionals have the right training to help boost your sales. They'll make sure you get expert technical support, training materials, industry updates, and regulatory and legislative alerts. All this adds up to sales support where it matters — your bottom line.

Annuities Marketing Support
Marketing Support
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We know your primary relationship is with your clients. To help you look good, we can provide support to meet a variety of marketing needs.

Annuities Solid Reputation
Solid Reputation
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Since 1906, we've earned a strong reputation for financial strength and a commitment to service. We aren't the largest annuity carrier in the industry, but many of our brokers and partners think we're one of the best. Just as we weigh all options before launching a product or establishing a distribution partnership, we know you'll look closely at us before joining our team. We're confident: The more you know about us, the better you'll understand how we can help you on your path to success.

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