Talk to Your Clients About Fixed Annuities

March is a good time to talk with your clients about the advantages of fixed annuities. While taxes are top of mind, use our sales idea below to help show clients the benefits a fixed annuity can offer.

Rich Lane
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities

It’s Time to Take Another Look at Annuities!

By Chris Conklin, Vice President of Individual Annuities. Reprinted with permission from AdvisorToday.

Share the insights in this article to get your clients out of their comfort zone so they can realize the opportunity an annuity can provide for growing their money.

Are Taxes Taking a Bite Out of Your Savings?

The annual income taxes on a Certificate of Deposit (CD) can take a big bite out of your hard-earned savings. If your clients use CDs to regularly access money, consider a tax-deferred alternative.

Why Are Substitute IRS Forms W-4P and W-9 Necessary?

Have you been caught here? You work with a client to complete a distribution form to withdraw funds. You submit the form and request a rush in processing. Soon after, you receive a phone call from The Standard requesting a Substitute IRS Form W-4P & W-9 (Form 5031) prior to disbursement.

Find the Right Words to Communicate With Clients

As insurance insiders, we’re fluent in the language used to describe annuities. But our clients may sometimes think we’re speaking another language. The Standard has great tools to help your clients understand important details.

Rich Lane
Second Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities

4 Annuity Sales New Year’s Resolutions

By Rich Lane, Second Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Reprinted with permission from ThinkAdvisor.

A new year brings both potential challenges and opportunities. Now is the perfect time to reflect on both the successes of, and the setbacks for, your annuity sales strategy.

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