Why Buying an Annuity Now is the Right Step

When markets are shaky, clients may say they’re waiting for interest rates to rise before taking financial steps like buying an annuity. Use our Cost of Waiting approach and flyer to show how they might be missing out.

Rich Lane
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities

COVID-19 Accommodations for Annuities

We’re implementing some changes to our processes to make it easier for you to do business with us through the challenges of COVID-19 social distancing. Starting now through June 1, 2020, we are implementing numerous business accommodations.

New Question on Suitability Form 15510

We’ve updated our suitability form with a question that asks why a client wants to exchange or replace an annuity.

Staying Strong Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

As the scope and complexity of the coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis deepens, The Standard is navigating the challenges with the same expertise and disciplined financial approach that has driven our success for 114 years. Read how we’re staying strong and share our flyer with your clients.

What Is the Cost of Waiting?

If clients are waiting for interest rates to go up before buying an annuity, they may be missing out. We’ve done the math to show that waiting may not be the smartest move.

EFT Ensures Clients Get Funds on Time

Help clients get their recurring annuity payments on time, every time. Electronic Funds Transfer makes that happen.

Take Another Look at Our ISA

Do you want to give your clients an opportunity to participate in market growth with the safety of downside protection? Then take another look at our Index Select Annuity.

Rich Lane
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities