Financial Strength for the Long Haul

Since the beginning of March, a lot has changed on the financial front. But what hasn’t changed is The Standard’s commitment to provide financially sound investments for the long haul.

Rich Lane
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities

We Believe in a Culture of Caring

Do you know what The Standard stands for? Our people are united by compassion and a genuine desire to help. And it doesn’t stop there.

10-Day Free Look

New Jersey, Minnesota and Oklahoma join Washington for a 10-day free-look period available on restricted SPIAs intended for Medicaid purposes. The shorter 10-day period may help expediate the Medicaid approval process — benefiting you and your client.

Annuities. The Right Fit.

Worrying about the stock market can create a big emotional burden and behavioral costs. Try introducing your clients to fixed annuities from The Standard. No matter what’s happening on Wall Street, our fixed annuities offer growth potential with less exposure to risk and market volatility.

Rollovers vs. Transfers – Help Your Clients Choose Correctly

When you’re helping a client apply for an IRA, understanding the difference between a rollover and a transfer is important. Checking the wrong box about the source of the funds can result in a letter from the IRS. Let’s look at how to help clients avoid IRS questions about income reporting.

Top 10 Reasons Are as Solid as Ever

Thank you to all our brokers who are working hard at this difficult time. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the important role that financial advisors play in helping clients secure their financial future. Now's a good time to review the top 10 reasons fixed annuities should be part of a client's financial plan.

Rich Lane
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities

How We Can Support You During Annuity Awareness Month

We have resources for you and your clients to use in June and throughout the year. Use our most popular sales ideas flyers as a quick way to communicate with clients.