3 Steps to Avoid Application Delays

October 1, 2020
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Nobody likes to add time or paperwork to the application process. But that’s what happens when we receive incomplete applications.

Unfortunately, most of the applications we receive are missing premium information or include inaccurate amounts. When this happens, we may require you to complete a policy acceptance form. This leads to more paperwork and longer issue times for you and your client.

To avoid delays, pay close attention to three boxes on the form and fill them out correctly in the first place.



In the Premium section of the application:

  • Fill out the “Amount Attached” box if you are including a check with the application. Don’t fill out this box if we’re requesting money from another carrier, even if we’re requesting a specific amount.
  • Fill out the “Estimated Amounts(s) Forthcoming” box if we’re expecting funds later.
  • Add up the amounts in the first two boxes and fill out the “Total Amount Expected” box. If the total amount is 10% different from what we receive, you’ll be required to complete a policy acceptance form.

Applications vary by state and product, but each contains these three boxes. Find the forms by selecting your distributor, choosing Find Forms and Materials, and selecting New Business. We accept faxed requests at 800.378.4570.

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