Building Your Business - Build a Formula and Make It Your Own

January 31, 2017

Steps to Success

Success is easier to achieve when you realize the potential already within yourself. By focusing on what is already in place, you can build your fixed annuity business and be the best you can be.

Follow these steps to create success for yourself and your clients.

1. Use Your Existing Successes

  • Recognize your traits, characteristics and habits that already help you deliver successful results
  • Keep doing what works for you and build from there

2. Raise Your Credibility

  • Know your annuity products: features, benefits, and differences
  • Have a solid grasp of the market, including information on why consumers are buying annuities
  • Be ready to answer your clients' questions

3. Focus On Being Your Best

  • Make sure you know the pros and cons of each type of annuity
  • Work with fixed annuity carriers that understand your need for consumer-friendly products backed by exceptional service and support
  • Be willing to educate the buyer as to which product is best for them

4. Set Your Goals

  • Set ambitious goals for yourself and think of how you can achieve them
  • Take yourself to a higher level of sales success

5. Be a Team Player

  • Work with others in your branch for referral success
  • Always put your clients' needs first
  • Create a team environment and everyone will benefit

By following these five steps, you will find yourself in position to sell annuities successfully.


Sales and Marketing Toolkit

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Sales Concept Flyer

Building Your Business

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Connecting With Generation X

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