Check In Now About RMDs

September 29, 2021
Check In With Clients Now About RMDs

We’re heading toward the end of the year — and the usual deadline for annual required minimum distributions from qualified policies for annuitants who are 72 and older. Take this opportunity to check in with your clients on these topics:

  • RMD options for 2021 and 2022
  • Setting up direct deposits
  • Getting required documentation if they change their 2022 RMD option

Head to the Annuities homepage to get required forms. Select your distributor in the drop-down menu, go to Find Forms and Materials, and select Policyowner Service. Call our service specialists for information about special handling options.

Contact our service specialists for RMD quotes or if you have questions. Call 800.247.6888 or send us a message. We also accept faxed requests to 800.378.4570.

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