Sales Ideas

Are Your Clients Losing Money With Taxable Investments?

Clients with money in taxable investments may be losing out with the taxes they pay year after year. See how a tax-deferred annuity can help.

Show Clients the Benefits of Tax Deferral

Help clients increase their earning power by educating them on the benefits of a tax-deferred annuity. Share the benefits — and our helpful flyer — to show clients what they would have to earn in a taxable investment to match the earnings of a fixed annuity.

See the Top 5 of 2019

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Annuities for Foreign National Clients

Do you have clients who are foreign nationals working for a U.S. company? The Standard offers them a unique opportunity to purchase annuities.

Find Balance With an Annuity

Are your clients trying to keep pace with the ups and downs of the market? An annuity from The Standard can help provide balance in your client’s portfolio.

Clients Struggling With Market Fluctuations?

Even in a low interest-rate environment, an annuity’s compounded growth and tax-deferral can grow your client’s savings faster than you may think. A fixed, deferred annuity often provides principal protection, no matter what’s happening on Wall Street.

Do You Know About the ISA Participation Rate?

It’s been a year since we added a participation rate index crediting option to our Index Select Annuity. Have you talked to your clients about this appealing addition?

To Get Meaningful Answers, Ask Great Questions

Do you need help getting clients to open up about their financial concerns and priorities? We’ve put together a list of questions to help you start the conversation and guide clients to solutions that are right for them.

Go Old School to Stand Out in the Digital World

Relationship building hasn’t changed much over the years. Some of the tools we used to make connections generations ago are still viable today. An old school approach could actually help you stand out in a digital world.

Share the Top 10

During Annuity Awareness Month, reach out to clients who want to build and protect their assets. Feel free to share our Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Fixed Annuity.