Stay Current on Product Training

July 30, 2020
Stay Current on Product Training

You can help avoid application delays by taking your product training before you work with your client to complete their paperwork.

In most states, the 2010 NAIC Suitability Model — or a version of it — requires producers to complete company-specific training before selling any products, including SPIA products. We cannot issue a contract until your product training is complete if you are in a state that requires it. Even if you’re now selling in a state that doesn't require the training, taking it now means you’re covered if that state adopts the model or you start selling in a state that requires it.

We recommend that you complete annuity product training before you solicit business. The Standard’s training features a short slide show describing our products and features. Start the product training at Select your distributor or choose “Not affiliated or distributor not listed.” Then choose “Complete NAIC Product Training.”

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