By Rich Lane, Second Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities. Published in the August edition of California Broker. Reprinted with permission.

A client may see an annuity with an income rider as the best of both worlds, as he or she will be getting the safety and growth potential from a fixed annuity with guaranteed access to their income. But this seemingly smart recommendation has a downside. While income riders can help deal with future income needs, they can also drag down a client's potential for accumulation.

The Standard is committed to offering consumer-focused annuities that benefit you and your clients. Our annuities are simple and straightforward; easy to understand – easy to explain. We are committed to offering good quality renewal rates for products both in and out of their surrender charge period.

Exciting news! The Standard has made a big technology change by going paperless. Incoming mail will be scanned and sent electronically to the department for handling. We want to encourage you to send legible copies when applicable, as there are only three conditions that require an original document.

We are very optimistic about the future of fixed annuities at The Standard. This is because of our great distributors and advisors that represent our products, so thank you for your business! Below is an article I recently published about knowing your client's income needs. Remember that income riders are not necessarily the best choice for everyone, and in fact, a Single Premium Immediate Annuity can sometimes be more appropriate for your client.

Rich Lane
Second Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities

An Annuity Seller Looks in the Advisor's Toolbox
By Rich Lane, Second Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Individual Annuities. Reprinted with permission from ThinkAdvisor.

Many conversations about fixed annuities now lead to talk about adding income riders. Your clients may even think of adding an income rider to an annuity as the best of both worlds. But this seemingly smart recommendation has a downside: While income riders can help clients meet future income needs, the riders also can drag down clients' potential for asset accumulation.

We are thrilled to announce that Barron's recently listed The Standard's Focused Growth Annuity 5 as one of the Best Annuities Designed for Asset Accumulation in this year's annual The 50 Best Annuities: Guaranteed Income for Life. Learn more about our best-selling product, the Focused Growth Annuity series.

A deferred annuity can be a key piece of the retirement planning puzzle. It's a way for your clients to receive guaranteed payouts for the rest of their lives, no matter how long they live. This income could be the difference between a comfortable retirement and running out of money.