3 Ways to Speed Up Sales

November 18, 2020

Tired of long lag times during the sales and application process? Are you circling back with clients multiple times for information or signatures? Check out three ways to speed up your sales.

1. Go online.



Doing business online is easier, faster and secure when you use reputable vendors. Your clients will appreciate online options as they’re applying for income protection insurance — especially now, when a pandemic is limiting face-to-face contact.

Here are easy ways to move your business online.

Complete, sign and submit applications online. Use The Standard’s eApp for the quickest and most efficient way to submit applications to The Standard. Or, with our Electronic Signature Program, your clients can go online to complete all fully underwritten IDI transactions. For more information and requirements for eApp or electronic signature accounts, contact your General Agent.

Deliver policies online. Delivering policies through DocFast® can help you place more policies and receive commissions faster. Plus, your clients probably prefer the convenience of taking care of business online. Want to learn more about online policy delivery? Check out the Agent Instructions for DocFast.

2. Complete the application on the phone with TeleApp.

TeleApp, handled through a third-party vendor, takes the burden off you and can increase your clients' comfort level. Your clients complete a short application and participate in a phone interview. In the interview, they’ll provide their medical history and other information for the underwriting process. Best of all, the TeleApp process helps ensure correct information is collected and can cut down or eliminate delays.

Another time-saving trick? Schedule the interview for your client as you’re completing the application with them. Just call 844.276.1330 to set up the phone appointment. Or, your client can schedule the appointment online. After the order is placed, the TeleApp vendor will send your client an email with a link to schedule.

3. Skip labs and proof of income with Simplified Underwriting.

Who qualifies for Simplified Underwriting? That would be applicants who:

  • Apply for a monthly benefit of $6,000 or less (ages 18-45) or $3,000 or less (ages 46-50)
  • Apply for a monthly benefit that — when combined with IDI already in place — will total no more than $10,000
  • Work in a job classified as occupation class 2A/2P or higher

If an application meets these qualifications, it will automatically be submitted for Simplified Underwriting. You can expect a decision or case status update within 48 hours after we receive the completed application and TeleApp interview. Get more details about Simplified Underwriting.

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