How Strong Is Our Promise to Pay Claims?

October 26, 2018
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The Standard paid $117 million in IDI claims last year. That shows our strength and commitment to our customers.

Here are a few claim examples* to share with your clients. Show them the benefits of Platinum Advantage — and how we keep our promises.


Andrew's Story: Family Care Benefit Means Time for Mom
Attorney, age 32

When Andrew's mother experienced a worsening of Alzheimer's disease, he reduced his work schedule to four days a week. That allowed him to travel to his hometown every week to help with her transition to the memory care wing of the assisted living complex. The Family Care Benefit helped replace his lost income. Andrew qualified because he was working 20 percent fewer hours and lost 20 percent of his income. Over the period of time he cared for his mother, he received monthly benefits totaling six times his policy's basic monthly benefit. That's the maximum amount provided by the Family Care Benefit. Andrew appreciated the freedom to be there for his mom during this difficult transition. Without worrying about his finances.


Megan's Story: Enhanced Residual Rider Delivers
Business Owner, age 37

Megan owns and manages two successful restaurants. She bought a Platinum Advantage policy to protect her income. When a bad auto accident left her unable to work, Megan received total disability benefits for six months. Then she returned to work part-time. That's when she realized the value of the Enhanced Residual Rider she chose with her policy. Megan received 50 percent of her monthly benefit for her first 12 months of partial disability. She continues to receive benefits proportional to her ongoing loss of income.


Miguel's Story: Own Occupation Rider Allows for a Career Change
Orthopedic Surgeon, age 40

Miguel received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis at age 40. His loss of coordination and weakness made it impossible for him to be a surgeon. Thankfully, his insurance representative had recommended an Own Occupation definition of total disability. That means Miguel can teach at a medical school and still receive his full monthly benefits.



Want to learn more about the types of claims we're paying for customers like yours? Check out this flyer.


* All claim examples are for illustrative purposes only and do not reflect actual claims paid.


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