More Sales, Increased Renewal Commissions

September 8, 2021
Bonus Cash

Are you on your way to qualifying for The Standard’s Platinum Advantage Producer Bonus? With just a few months left, now’s the time to reach for the 2021 bonus.

How It Works

The Standard’s Platinum Advantage Producer Bonus Program rewards high-volume producers with an extra 5 to 10% renewal commission, in addition to the base 5% commission. This means you can earn up to 15% commission during years two through 10 on Platinum Advantage policies sold this calendar year.

You can qualify for 10% renewal commission on Platinum Advantage by selling $25,000 in annual premium of any of The Standard’s fully underwritten IDI products. To qualify for 15% renewal commission, you’ll need to sell $50,000 in annual premium this year.

Learn more about the Platinum Advantage Producer Bonus Program.

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