Sales Insights

Looking for ways to introduce income protection to your clients? Use these tips to show them why they need IDI and what it will do for them.
Graduation is a time of excitement and opportunity. But it can also be a time of uncertainty. Many 2020 graduates have dual concerns about student loan debt and starting careers in a challenging economic environment. Help ease their worries with the Student Loan Rider.
Your clients are already dealing with stress over the COVID-19 pandemic. Simplify and speed up the application process by using steps that don’t require in-person meetings.
Physician residents see firsthand how often an injury or sickness can occur. And how a disability can affect a person’s income. Talk to them about how The Standard’s comprehensive contract and special underwriting rules for residents can help protect their income
It's protection for attorneys!
Could your attorney clients handle an unexpected drop in income? How would they pay their bills, save for retirement and maintain their lifestyle? You can help lessen their financial worries if they have to take time away from work because of an injury or sickness.
It's the top 5 Articles of 2019!
Take a look at the most read articles from 2019. From discounts to underwriting tips to options for enhancing income protection, here are the top five.
It's a BIR Option!
The BIR lets policyowners apply for an increase in coverage every three years. Use BIR Option Dates to help your customers make sure their income protection covers current income levels.
It's a Family Benefit!
It’s National Family Caregivers Month! Did you know about 43.5 million Americans provide unpaid care to a child or an adult? Now is the perfect time to show your clients why the Family Care Benefit, included in The Standard’s Platinum Advantage, is so important.
Help business owners protect themselves, their families and their businesses.
Special BIR Rules for Medical Residents and Fellows
Effective immediately, residents and fellows can apply for an accelerated benefit increase during the 12 months after they complete their training.