Sales Insights

Let’s wrap up the year with a look back at the most read IDI Connect articles. These five articles offer tips to start the conversation, product details to help you sell to your target markets and tools to speed up the sale.
Your highly specialized professional clients may be more at risk of a disability affecting their livelihoods. A disability could make them unable to perform their specialized work, but they may still want to work in another occupation. Add the Own Occupation Rider to make sure they don’t have to choose between collecting total disability benefits or working.
Tired of long lag times during the sales and application process? Are you circling back with clients multiple times for information or signatures? Check out three ways to speed up your sales.
Did you know that 53 million Americans provide unpaid care to loved ones today? This statistic — along with uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic — highlights the importance of preparing for the unexpected. During November’s National Family Caregivers Month, help ease client concerns by sharing The Standard’s Family Care Benefit.
Did you know that more than one-third of The Standard’s IDI policies are sold to doctors? In fact, we designed our Platinum Advantage income protection insurance with physicians in mind.
Use The Standard’s marketing materials to highlight the importance of income protection for your customers. Or show the features of Platinum Advantage — and how the policy could work for them if they become unable to work due to injury or sickness.
Everyone needs residual income protection. If your clients can work only part time, they’ll still need their full-time incomes. This article highlights three differences between the Basic and Enhanced Residual Disability riders to help you recommend the appropriate rider for your clients.
Looking for ways to introduce income protection to your clients? Use these tips to show them why they need IDI and what it will do for them.
Graduation is a time of excitement and opportunity. But it can also be a time of uncertainty. Many 2020 graduates have dual concerns about student loan debt and starting careers in a challenging economic environment. Help ease their worries with the Student Loan Rider.
Your clients are already dealing with stress over the COVID-19 pandemic. Simplify and speed up the application process by using steps that don’t require in-person meetings.