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Every income protection policy needs a residual rider. Read this article to learn why residual riders are a must-have.

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You can close more sales by emphasizing Platinum Advantage’s high quality and great value. See how to make the most of our Multi-Life, Residency and Business Owner discounts and rewards.

Morehouse College graduates received good news on their graduation day. Robert F. Smith, a billionaire investor and philanthropist, promised to pay off their student loans. Student loan debt can be a stressful burden for new graduates as they start their career. Here’s how you can help.
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Preparing yourself and your clients for the application process is a smart step with big payoffs. Get quick tips on how to get up to speed, save time, set expectations and build trust.
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Read a true story about how a financial advisor made a big difference in one client’s life. It all started with a conversation…
Look no further than Simplified Underwriting for a quick and easy application process. Read this article to learn how it works and who qualifies. It also offers examples of clients who are a good fit for Simplified Underwriting.
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We hope your new year is off to a great start! Here's a quick review of 2018 trends and a look ahead at opportunities to grow your IDI sales in 2019.

Platinum Advantage offers three choices of Residual Disability Riders: Basic, Enhanced and Short-Term. These riders may pay a benefit if your client is disabled and can still work, but not at full capacity. Use this flyer to compare the three residual riders with one another — and then with the market.

As we close the year, let’s look at the articles most viewed by The Standard’s producers in 2018. The topics range from the expanded Simplified Underwriting program to the Family Care Benefit video. We look forward to sharing more tools and sales insights in 2019!
Business owners have a lot to protect. Help them by offering The Standard's personal income and business protection products. Then sweeten the offer with discounts, upgrades and coverage increases built especially for them.