Guaranteed Standard Issue

Help Your Clients Address Income Protection Coverage Gaps

Platinum Advantage Guaranteed Standard Issue income protection insurance can be a game-changer for employers who offer long term disability insurance. Help them improve recruitment and retention with more benefits for highly compensated employees.

LTD insurance is designed to replace 60 percent of an employee's base salary, but it's often capped at a lower monthly amount. For highly compensated employees, this amount won't cover their income protection needs, resulting in a coverage gap.

Employers who offer Platinum Advantage GSI can help raise the coverage amount, which is especially appealing to high earners. A big plus is that bonuses, distributions and other incentive income are covered earnings.

How GSI Can Help Reduce the Coverage Gap

Illustration of GSI replacing a portion of earnings not protected by LTD

Assumes LTD plan of 40% income replacement to a $10,000 monthly plan maximum, coordinating with a GSI plan design of 75% replacement to a $10,000 monthly plan maximum, for a combined coverage maximum of $20,000 between plans. This graph is intended for illustrative purposes only.

This graph is intended for illustrative purposes only.


Key Features
Family Care Benefit (Not available in CA, CT or NY)
Regular Occupation Definition of Total Disability
Guaranteed Renewable Policy
Total Disability Benefit
Presumptive Disability Benefit
Highly paid employee

Platinum Advantage GSI

Platinum Advantage GSI is available in all states except Wyoming.

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Family Care Benefit

Educate clients about coverage that provides a benefit if they need to take time away from work to care for a child, parent or spouse with a serious health condition.

Overview Brochure
for Employers

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An Easy Solution to Shrink
the Coverage Gap

See the brochure for CA, CT, DE, DC
FL, MT, NY, ND and SD.

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Help employees get back to work as safely and quickly as possible through proactive, integrated support.

Long Term Disability Insurance

A complement to GSI, our LTD plans include a number of features that help and encourage your clients' employees to return to work as soon as possible.

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