Better Results. Less Noise.

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Why work with The Standard on employee benefits?

Because we specialize in them. And that means we can deliver unique offerings like:

We assess your clients’ specific situations to help address issues and lower claim costs.
A dedicated team member ensures a smooth transition by leading an expert team through a process tailored for your clients.
Our embedded professionals customize stay-at-work and return-to-work programs to help keep valuable employees working for your clients.
With our services, your clients get an expert who can identify trends and patterns in absenteeism to help reduce costs and keep their people at work.

Our custom approach for you helps us deliver the best experience possible for your organization.

The net result? Balancing your clients’ business and employee needs, or what we call, Better Results. Less Noise.

Why Work With The Standard?
Established expertise in Disability, Life and more
Competitive commissions across all lines of business
Flexible options to qualify for bonuses
Rewards based on premium or case count
Professional development
Products, services and tools to service your clients

Relationships That Last

“Going above and beyond” for customers is our true north. It’s why most of the brokers we serve rate us highly and plan to continue the relationship.1 For national accounts, our ongoing customer relationships average more than nine years.



9.3 years

Average customer relationship

Premium persistency


Premium persistency

Persistency track record


7-year persistency track record


What do we mean by better results?

Balancing the needs of business and employees. We’ll work with you to give clients customized solutions that lead to more productive, engaged employees ― and also help the bottom line.

Better Results
Better Solutions for Your Clients
How We Help You Customize Plans

Partnering With You for the Right Solutions

You’ll find we listen closely to your clients’ challenges and goals. We understand the complexities you’re trying to solve and will work with you to find the best approach for your customers. Our experience in creating flexible plan designs means we may tell you “yes” when other carriers say “no.”

Higher Productivity
Our Approach to Disability Management

A Forward-Thinking Approach

Our Workplace PossibilitiesSM program treats disability differently. Included with our Short and Long Term Disability plans, this program has a nine-year track record of reducing claim duration, and yielding better absence and disability results.2 It’s an important part of how we make multiple benefits work together to treat the whole person and increase workforce productivity.

Learn more about our holistic approach to disability management

Reduced cost
Reduced Costs
Lower Absence and Disability Costs

Lowering the Cost of Leave and Disability

We help reduce your clients’ costs in a number of ways. They’ll have access to products and services designed to help them lower their absence and disability expenses. With our claims service, they’ll hear fewer complaints from employees that create headaches for HR teams. Working with us will let them reduce much of their administrative burden and minimize the impact of disability on their operations. Finally, by getting their employees back to work safely and quickly and addressing the causes of disability in the workplace, we can save them money in the long run.

Reduced Risk
Protecting Businesses and People

Lowering the Risks

The Regulatory Risk: Absence Management services can ensure employers comply with federal and state regulations for most types of leave, including FML. This offering also helps them avoid ADAAA mistakes that might lead to fines and lawsuits.

See our integrative approach to managing leave

The Human Risk: Disability is the human risk that can put businesses at risk for lost productivity. To protect your clients, we do more than process claims. We manage them to the best possible outcome with a focus on return to work. Our approach combines LTD, STD and Absence with our unique Workplace Possibilities program. The process has many touch points that allow us to assess an employee’s needs and develop ways for that person to stay at work or return to work sooner.

Learn more about our proactive disability management

Now let’s talk about less noise.

When employees have a positive claims experience and HR has fewer hassles, that means less noise for you. How do we do it? With expert, creative people who collaborate with your clients every step of the way, from implementation to claims management and plan administration.

Less Noise
Personal service
Service to Fit Your Needs
Professional Support

Friendly Expertise

We deliver employee benefits differently by keeping service accessible and personal with nearly 40 employee benefits sales and services offices across the country. For implementation, your clients work with a single point of contact — one highly trained implementation manager who leads the account service team throughout the process. We also bring our disability and absence service to clients, with onsite stay-at-work or return-to-work interventions and onsite administrative support.

Headache-free setup
Headache-Free Set-Up
Making Implementation Easy

A Process Tailored for Your Client

Flexible implementation means fewer hassles and headaches for HR staff when it comes to onboarding, billing, claims set-up and enrollment. Our team will kick off the process before enrollment begins and support you at every stage.

Compassionate claim service
Compassionate Claim Service
Fewer Employee Complaints and Less Escalation

High-Touch Process

We process claims promptly, accurately and with compassion. When an employee faces a disability, we keep the claims process straightforward so they feel satisfied with the service they receive. This approach keeps complaints down and reduces escalation. This same level of service and caring helps Life and AD&D beneficiaries experience less stress as they deal with a loved one’s death.

See how we manage Life and AD&D claims

Reduced administration
Reduced Administration
Process and People

So Your Clients Can Get Back to Business

We build our processes and systems with their teams in mind. We understand the increasing demands on HR execs and do what we can to reduce the administrative burden. Our robust teams of people are ready to help.

Alex Ward

What's made [our] partnership unique is that it's not been about rate. It's been about what's the right thing. It's ... bringing in the best benefit at the right cost.

Alex Ward, Regional VP, Hodges-Mace, LLC

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Meet the Diverse and Changing Needs of Employees

You can bundle any or all of these products to provide your clients with a more comprehensive benefits package. Employees can then choose the benefits options that work best for them and their families.


Commission Estimator  
This tool helps you project commissions for specific products.

Life Insurance Straddle Test  
Use this tool to estimate whether your client’s Life insurance rates straddle the IRC’s Table I rates.

Success Stories  
Here’s an easy way to show your clients why The Standard is different when it comes to disability management.



Stay Up on Industry Trends

You’ll have access to thought leadership, continuing education, seminars and research when you work with us. These resources are a great way to enhance your knowledge and add value for your clients.

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Connect to Workplace Resources

Did you know workplace resources can help to shorten employee leave durations? Help your clients manage employee health conditions and get more insights from our exclusive Employee Disability Leave Study.

Use these studies and success stories to show how The Standard can help disabled employees return to work.

Reasonable Accommodations

Use these studies and success stories to show how The Standard can help disabled employees return to work.

Educate yourself on intermittent leave and proper management techniques.

Intermittent Leave

Educate yourself on intermittent leave and proper management techniques so you can provide sound strategic counsel.

Support clients with the latest news and resources.

Paid Family Leave

Paid Family Leave is now effective in several states. Support clients with the latest news and resources here.

Learn about our compensation program and how to get appointed with The Standard.

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Learn about our compensation program and how to get appointed with The Standard.