Protect Your Clients and Your Bottom Line

Protect Your Clients and Your Bottom Line

Protect Your Clients and Your Bottom Line

Consistent Service From Plan Administration Specialists

Administrative Solutions That Help Protect Your Clients

Plan administration is complex, so it’s easy for employers to make costly mistakes. Are they looking to you for help?

Let our experienced professionals help take the burden off you. They’re experts at delivering administrative services and an administrative fiduciary solution, and they can help your clients save time and money.


Avoid These Common Errors

  • Failing to include or exclude certain employees
  • Exceeding contribution limits
  • Incorrect handling of hardship distributions or loans
  • Incorrectly defining compensation
  • Failing to provide proper participant notices

Feeling the Burden?

Let’s talk about how we can help reduce workloads, costs and risks.

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Feeling the Burden?

Let’s talk about how we can help reduce workloads, costs and risks.

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Ready to Hear About Solutions?

Let’s talk about how we can take good care of your clients’ administrative needs.

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Shift the Responsibility to Us.

Learn how we back our services with a “hold harmless” clause.

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Administrative Services

Lean on us to handle essential plan responsibilities, from preparation and delivery of participant notices to managing employee loan and distribution requests. Whether you need a provider to prepare, sign and file the Form 55001 or take on compliance testing and audit support, we can help you:


Solve Problems

Expertly solve employers’ problems

  • Offload onerous administrative responsibilities
  • Validate employee data with each payroll
  • Remove emotion, privacy concerns and uncertainty from the loan and distribution process
  • Delegate fiduciary responsibility for critical administrative tasks
Consistent Service

Experience consistent service

  • Work directly with seasoned problem-solvers
  • Receive clear guidance from knowledgeable professionals
Avoid Errors

Avoid errors by relying on our proprietary data technology

  • Catch and correct errors before they become issues
  • We scrub data with every payroll submission
  • We have nearly 100 data validations to ensure clean data
Spend Time Nuturing

Spend more time nurturing your business

  • Serve your clients and business in the ways you see best
  • Grow and retain plan assets

TPA-Friendly Partnership

If you work with a TPA, we can work closely with you, your client and the TPA to decide on administrative responsibilities. This makes the process more efficient, especially for your clients.

Administrative Fiduciary Support – We've Got It Covered

Standard Retirement Services, Inc., can serve as an ERISA 3(16) Delegated Administrative Fiduciary. We can accept responsibility for accurate and timely completion of the following tasks. And we back our services in writing with a “hold-harmless” indemnification clause.2

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Deliver Participant Notices, Statements and Disclosures
Let Us Send Notices
  • Summary Plan Description
  • Summary of Material Modifications
  • Quarterly participant statements
  • Summary Annual Report
  • Annual disclosure of plan fees
  • Safe Harbor
  • QDIA
  • Automatic enrollment
  • Required blackout notices
  • Safe Harbor contribution termination notice
  • Notice of receipt of QDRO
  • Fee and investment change notices
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Compliance Testing
Leave Testing to Us
  • Apply plan provisions to appropriately perform testing
  • Select the test that’s necessary and appropriate for plan and its design
  • Conduct annual compliance testing for the plan and act as an ERISA 3(16) Delegated Administrative Fiduciary for the results
  • Make decisions necessary for testing methodology where the plan allows for discretion
  • Perform corrections necessary to enable the plan to pass testing
  • Notify plan sponsor of results
  • Notify participants of corrections, if necessary
  • File for approval of testing corrections with the IRS or DOL, if necessary
  • Manage any communications with IRS or DOL, if necessary
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Review and Manage Loans, Hardship Distributions, Withdrawals and QDROs
Offload Loan and Distribution Requests
  • Manage distribution process from start of request to disbursement of funds
  • Review hardship requests and the amount of need
  • Verify loan limits and distribution eligibility against plan document
  • Communicate directly with participants, so no action is required from an employer
  • Notify participants of quarterly deadlines and distribution and default requirements
  • Manage process from receipt of proposed QDRO to the segregation of the participant’s account
  • Review and ensure the qualified status of QDROs
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Monitor Eligibility and Send Notifications
Get the Details for Eligibility Monitoring
  • Track employee eligibility based on the plan’s provisions
  • Notify employees of their eligibility
  • Provide information for easy enrollment online