Protect My Income

You’re interested in protecting your income. That’s smart. After all, it’s probably your most valuable asset. If you become too sick or injured to work, how would a loss of income affect your lifestyle, family and goals?

See What Your Income Does for You — And What You Can Do to Protect It

Just like you insure your car or home, you can get insurance that protects your income. If you become too sick or injured to work, disability insurance can help replace part of your paycheck. Medical insurance pays your doctor — disability insurance pays you.

Enhance Your Financial Security

You can't predict a disabling accident or illness. But you can have a plan in place to help protect your income and maintain your financial security.

Income Protection Benefits at Work

If your employer offers Short Term and Long Term Disability insurance, make sure to take advantage of these essential benefits. Group coverage offers competitive rates and easy payroll deduction.

Why You Need Disability Insurance
How long could you cover expenses without your paycheck? Learn why you need disability insurance.

Get More Facts  
Social Security disability benefits are modest. The average Social Security Disability Insurance monthly payment is only $1,165.

Individual Income Protection

Explore Individual Income Protection insurance if you don’t have coverage at work — or want to add more. You may be able to protect a greater share of your income than you expect.

Why Income Protection Matters  
Do you have a coverage gap? Learn how individual income protection coverage can help close it.

How to Protect Your Lifestyle
Explore flexible income protection that’s made for you, and includes a unique Family Care Benefit.

What Are the Chances of Becoming Disabled?

1 in 4 20 year olds

1 in 4

will become disabled before reaching age 67.

1 in 5 Americans

1 in 5 Americans

— 56 million people — live with a disability.

1 in 10 Americans

1 in 10 Americans

live with a severe disability.

Source: Social Security Administration

1 in 5 Caregivers Experience Financial Stress1

The unique Family Care Benefit2 can help you take time for a seriously ill or injured family member. It is offered only with an Individual Disability Insurance policy from The Standard.

Meet some people who speak from the heart about why they value a caregiver benefit.


Income protection at work

Income Protection at Work

Check out all the benefits disability insurance offers. It can even help you get back to work.

Business woman

Individual Income Protection

See all the reasons to own individual income protection insurance. And how to protect your business.

Ask your financial advisor about Individual Disability Insurance.

Your advisor can help you decide if personal income protection makes sense for you – even if you already have coverage through work.