Understand My Workplace Benefits

Having a lot of benefit choices is great — but can be confusing! You may be wondering … which benefits are the best for me and my family? Making the most of what your employer offers starts with understanding the value of each benefit.

60% of employees surveyed would choose a better benefits package over higher take-home pay.

Source: Poll Positions: Americans’ Views on Employee Benefits, American Benefits Council, results from the Council’s National Poll, Nov. 5-9, 2017

Building the Right Benefits Package for You

Your employer may offer some or all of the benefits described here. See how each plays a role in helping you achieve financial security.

Insurance Benefits

Employers can offer insurance benefits at group rates. That means you can obtain coverage at rates not available on your own. Learn more about the types of insurance available through The Standard. Then ask your employer for details about your coverage.

Disability insurance
Disability Insurance
Protect Your Paycheck

Protect Your Paycheck

Your health insurance helps pay medical bills. Disability insurance pays you. It can replace part of your paycheck if you can’t work because of an illness, injury or pregnancy.

Learn More About Disability Insurance

Estimate Your Disability Insurance Needs

Life and ADD insurance
Life and AD&D Insurance
Protect Your Loved Ones

Protect Your Loved Ones

Life insurance helps your loved ones get through a difficult time and pay for important things, like a home or college plans. AD&D insurance does, too, plus it can help if you survive a serious accident.

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Estimate Your Life Insurance Needs

Dental and Vision insurance
Dental and Vision Insurance
Protect Your Health

Protect Your Health

Dental and Vision insurance help protect your smile and your eyesight. Regular dental and vision exams can also have a positive impact on your overall health, especially for chronic medical conditions.*

Learn more about:

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance


* Dental Benefits Basics, National Association of Dental Plans, 2016

Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity insurance
Supplemental Insurance
Protection From the Unexpected

Protection From the Unexpected

An accident, serious illness or hospital stay can leave you with unexpected expenses not covered by your health plan. Discover three benefits that pay you directly — instead of your doctors. So you can use the money for anything you choose — from co-pays and treatment costs to rent, gas and groceries.

Learn more about:

Accident insurance

Critical Illness insurance

Hospital Indemnity insurance

Retirement Plans

Taking charge of your retirement savings can be easier than you expect. Especially if your employer offers a plan. Start by learning about the advantages your plan offers. Then use the helpful calculators to visualize how much you might need to save. 

Learn about retirement plans

What Are the Advantages?

A retirement plan can make it much easier to save for the future. Learn about your plan's perks, like tax-deferred growth, payroll deductions and personalized planning tools.

Make sure you’re on track to retire comfortably.

Saving Enough for Retirement?

Make sure you’re on track to retire comfortably. Use our Retirement Needs Calculator to get an idea of how much to contribute to your retirement account.

Estimate effect on your paycheck

How Will Saving Affect My Paycheck?

When you save to your retirement plan before taxes, the effect on your paycheck may be less than you think.

Take charge of your future by enrolling in your retirement plan today.

Only 49% of employees are confident they'll be able to retire when they want.

Source: Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwCIL, LLC, 2017