Waiting for Interest Rates to Change?

Annuities can help your savings increase faster than you think. With compounded growth and tax-deferral, you can grow your retirement savings faster than you may think even in a low interest-rate environment.

If you’re waiting for interest rates to go up before buying an annuity, you may be missing out.

Example: An Annuity Earning 2% For 5 Years

Rate You'll Need to Make Up for Lost Time

If you wait 1 year


If you wait 2 years


If you wait 3 years5.08%
If you wait 4 years10.41%

You Act: Today you put your $50,000 into a five-year guaranteed annuity paying 2 percent. This means you’ll earn $55,204 at the end of five years, minus any withdrawals.

You Wait: You put off buying the annuity for one year. Your $50,000 has to earn 2.51 percent every year for four years to catch up with the annuity’s earnings of $55,204.

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