Guaranteed Standard Issue

Consider yourself fortunate if your employer offers Platinum Advantage Guaranteed Standard Issue income protection insurance. This coverage helps you pay your bills and support your current lifestyle if you are injured or sick and cannot work.

Platinum Advantage GSI offers these advantages:

  • Discounted premium rates
  • No medical questions
  • Coverage you can take with you if you leave your employer
  • Identical rates for women and men
  • Coverage up to age 99
  • Coverage that can keep pace with salary increases throughout your career


Protect Your Lifestyle With Higher Income Protection

You may already have long term disability insurance through your employer. It's designed to replace up to 60 percent of your base salary, but it's often capped at a lower monthly amount. When you combine Platinum Advantage GSI with your LTD coverage, you can raise your coverage amount to a higher level. And GSI covers bonuses, distributions and other incentive income.

How GSI Can Help Reduce the Coverage Gap

Illustration of GSI replacing income gap

Assumes LTD plan of 40% income replacement to a $10,000 monthly plan maximum, coordinating with a GSI plan design of 75% replacement to a $10,000 monthly plan maximum, for a combined coverage maximum of $20,000 between plans.

This graph is intended for illustrative purposes only.


Family Care Benefit

The exclusive benefit helps you take time away from work to care for a family member with a serious health condition.1 It provides a monthly benefit amount if you work at least 20 percent fewer hours and experience an income loss of 20 percent or greater.

Have you checked on your long term disability insurance coverage lately?

Review your company benefits to make sure you have the income protection you need.