Platinum Advantage

If you can't earn your usual paycheck because of a serious injury or sickness, individual disability insurance can help. Platinum Advantage can provide stand-alone income protection. Or it can be combined with your long term disability insurance to help cover a much larger portion of your salary.

What Makes Platinum Advantage Unique?

Family Care Benefit

Family careThe exclusive Family Care Benefit1 lets you take time away from work to care for a child, parent or spouse with a serious health condition. It can lessen the financial impact of caring for a family member by providing a monthly benefit amount. It's available if you work at least 20 percent fewer hours and you experience an income loss of 20 percent or greater.2

Recent statistics support the need for this benefit:

  • 23 percent of adults ages 45 to 64 care for an aging adult.3
  • About one in five caregivers say they experience financial strain as a result of providing care.4

Features You Can Use

  • Guaranteed Renewable Feature: We can't change your policy as long as you pay your premium on time.
  • Rehabilitation Benefit:We pay the reasonable costs of a rehabilitation program approved by us to help you return to work sooner.
  • Automatic Increase Benefit Rider and Benefit Increase Rider: These riders allow for benefit increases to ensure that your coverage keeps pace with your salary growth.
  • Survivor Benefit: If you pass away while receiving disability benefits, your beneficiary will receive a benefit equal to three times your policy's basic monthly benefit.
  • Residual Disability Rider (Optional5): If you become disabled yet still able to work in some capacity, we’ll replace a portion of your lost income. Based on your profession and income, you can choose a residual rider that fits your needs.
  • Student Loan Rider (Optional): If you become totally disabled and can't work, we'll reimburse all or a portion of your student loan payments so you don't fall behind.6
Key Benefits
Protects your income. Protects your lifestyle
Supported by a streamlined claims process
Gives you the flexibility to pay only for what you really need

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