Protector Platinum

Protector PlatinumSM provides a comprehensive set of income protection benefits if you become disabled because of a serious sickness or injury. It is only available in California.

Included in the Protector Platinum Policy

The policy will pay you benefits if you cannot work in your own occupation because of a total disability, as defined by the policy. After an initial waiting period, your benefits begin when you cannot perform the usual duties of your occupation because of a sickness or injury and you are under the care of a physician.
With every Protector Platinum policy, the Own Occupation definition of disability truly applies to all occupation classes. So, if you have narrowed your practice to a professionally recognized specialty in medicine or law, for example, then that specialty is considered your own occupation.
We pay benefits if you have a loss of income while caring for a Loved One with a serious health condition. A Loved One includes a parent, spouse, domestic partner, and child, including an adopted child, stepchild and child of a domestic partner.
For individuals under age 60, we raise the policy's basic monthly benefit by 4 percent each year during the increase period without evidence of insurability.
If you permanently lose your hearing, speech, sight or use of two limbs, we will presume that you are totally disabled and pay benefits beginning on your first day of loss.
If you are partially disabled, the policy will pay 100 percent of the basic monthly benefit for the first six months of partial disability regardless of the income earned while returning to work. Afterward, we pay a portion of the benefit based on the amount of income lost that month.
You may choose from a variety of maximum benefit periods to fit your needs and budget, ranging from two years to age 67.
If you participate in a rehabilitation program to prepare for returning to full-time work, we'll pay for part or all of the costs.
After you recover from the disability, we pay recovery benefits if you continue to experience a loss of income due to the injury or sickness that caused the disability.
There are no coverage limitations on the benefits we pay for disabilities caused by mental disorder or substance abuse.
We'll pay a survivor benefit for three months beyond the date of your death, if you die while disability or recovery benefits are payable.
We pay a monthly benefit if you are disabled more than six months after the policy's effective date because of a sickness or injury caused by cosmetic or transplant surgery.
We waive all premiums due under the policy while disability or recovery benefits are payable.
Coverage is guaranteed renewable to the termination date as long as the premium is paid on time. We will not change any part of the policy, except for the premium. Even then, we may only change the premium after the policy is three years old and if the change applies to all policies with similar benefits insuring the same risk class.

Optional Riders

As you advance in your career, your income will likely increase. This option allows you to purchase increases in your coverage once per year without medical evidence of insurability.
This rider locks in premium rates as long as the premiums are paid by the end of each grace period.
With this rider, the monthly benefit will increase by up to 3 or 6 percent annually while you remain disabled, based on changes in the Consumer Price Index.


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